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Historical review

I started in Cali in 2015 as a sole distributor of women's clothing from different brands, but with the dream of becoming a brand specialized in slimming bodysuits, after 2 years we opened our first point of sale and started with our brand own with our manufacturing through third parties. In 2019 we started as direct manufacturers, we started with a small space to carry out our process, but consolidating ourselves in the market as the leaders in addition to reaching a large number of followers on social networks today called “Bocaleñas”. In the midst of the global crisis, 2020 broadened our outlook and we began a process of standardization in quality, supplies and other details that will lead us to conquer international markets.



One of the main values ​​of Bocali is teamwork done with love, at Bocali each of our collaborators gives their all in order to make the best processes of efficient productivity and that allows us to put in our Bocaleñas not only the best product but the experience of wearing a garment that highlights your beauty.


Provide our collaborators with a stable source of work, ensuring adequate conditions for their social security, growth, professional and personal development. Meet the expectations of our clients in quality, supplies and last. Excellent business relationships with our suppliers and clients. Constant search for inputs that promote environmental sustainability.